Apolab Scientific LTD Brienza was born in 2007 thanks to a process of spinn-off company with the aim of giving to science with new tools and new ideas. The Coore-business is the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory equipment and Educational able to facilitate the learning activities integrating business practice the theory learned and simplify the work of the teacher demonstrating the activity parallel the theoretical aspect of the application of the arguments. The Panel Development works closely with universities and pilot schools. This synergy the working method which aims to combine the needs of specific teaching and innovation choosing the equipment fit for purpose by their practical experience to help you understand and apply theory relating to technology areas studied. In 2012 Apolab Scientific LTD opens the first software house with 3dlab. The idea is to be able to respond to new educational needs arising from the introduction of ICT into the massive landscape school. Much space is devoted to training. If on one hand, in fact, Apolab Scientific LTD is a body trainer for continuing education approved by the Region of Basilicata, on the other hand with the educational platform "APOforma" unable to offer free classes and not for all categories of teachers. A section of the platform is also dedicated to training "extracurricular" where there are training courses, lectures, seminars and other everyday matters of a scientific nature.