The certification of computer skills is needed today to get closer to the world of work. From the school, in fact, of all levels, it is spreading more and more the certification of knowledge, a tool that ensures the acquisition of skills, at different levels, necessary in the relationship school and work. They are becoming more frequent, in fact, in search ads or job offer. Apolab Scientific srl in line with the European objectives and in order to spread the "Digital Culture" is proposed as Lender of e-skills certifications. The close collaboration with leading certification bodies and universities, ensures a high level of training, accurately and on time, offering various training opportunities to educational institutions, companies, teaching staff and employees of public administration and business sectors. The skills and knowledge, supported by the correct certificate, become skills, a real benefit to the School, the University and the entrance into the world of Labor. The learning environment e-learning "Apoforma" (, is the tool that facilitates distance learning by offering everyone the opportunity to access to qualification or specialization courses to update their skills professional. The experience and professionalism acquired and a network of suppliers and partners experienced staff, selected according to strict standards, allowed to accompany, with success, teachers and students of schools of all levels through dissemination routes and certification of the computer culture.